Trotter Travel Planner
Travel better.

We're here to make travel planning easy.

Personalised feed.

Trotter uses AI to give you the tips you want.
Each travellers feed is tailored to their personal interests. Pretty cool huh?

Ask for tips.

Ask for tips from people you trust - friends, family and like-minded travellers. Even if they're not on Trotter... Facebook, WhatsApp, email and more.

Share tips.

Share your travel tips and inspire others.
Your favorite spots to eat, drink, things to do and places to stay.

Plan trips

Save all your recommendations in one place to help plan your adventures. Whether that be your honeymoon, group trip or solo escape.

My trips

Access your travel plans on the go, anywhere, anytime... even offline.

Traveller profiles

Follow like-minded travellers and become travel buddies. Discover their tips and amazing travel guides.

Travel guides

Help others plan their next adventure by sharing your experiences through personal travel guides.

What people have said:

"Planned my trip almost exclusively through this app!"
"Used this while in Paris to find some hidden gems and now using it to plan future trips!"
"Full of great suggestions from real users own travel experiences!"
"It’s such an inspiring community to be part of whilst travelling"
"Great app for anyone planning to travel or wanting to keep a record of what they did on a recent trip"
"I’m so excited to have a place to post about all my travel eats!"
"Really easy to use! Makes planning a holiday so easy!"
"Trotter is a fun way to share my experiences as an avid traveler and gain so much from others around the world."
"It feels more personal and “real” compared to other trip review places."
"Good way to find handy tips before travelling or to give others tips whilst travelling!"
"This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for."
"Getting real travel tips from real people who have been there is a very clever way to travel."
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